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With our headquarters being in Castle Rock, we have a satellite office in Lone Tree so that we can conveniently serve both our Castle Rock and Denver area friends! Our plan is to eventually open other satellite offices across the Denver metro. Our desire is to “Make Car Buying Simple” while providing an unparalleled “small community feel” process. Rather than opening the typical brick and mortar dealership or brokerage in which dozens of sales people work trying to scratch and claw for every deal, our vision is to open smaller, more inviting resource centers spread around the different communities in and around Denver and Castle Rock. We are setting out to innovate and improve the car buying process. Our process is designed to save you time and money. Car buying doesn’t have to be hard; we make it simple!

We hope you keep us in mind for your next vehicle purchase. Whether you have great credit or bad credit, let us collaborate with you in finding your next vehicle. We never advise just to make a sale, we advise on what we think is best for our customer. Upon completion of our free consultation, if we think that there may be better options for you than working with us, we will let you know that. We are here for relationships, not sales.

Cars Simpler owner, Tim Fleury, has a strong passion to help people with imperfect credit. Many of the thousands of people he has helped get a vehicle in his nearly 18-year career were introduced to him because they had bad credit and various car dealerships were playing their usual games. We bet all of you know this, but the car sales industry is polluted with greed and driven by the love of money! It is saddening that within those walls is a completely separate department, typically labeled the “Special Finance Department”, that work with folks with bad credit, and rather than being a light in people’s lives, they are typically the greediest of them all.

We believe that the buying process shouldn’t change a whole lot due to bad credit. Yes, there are more restrictions set forth by the lender. But we understand those restrictions are put in place to protect both you and the lender. Restrictions such as age of the vehicle, miles, loan to value, and vehicle type are meant to make sure that you are not in an awful position and have a good reliable vehicle. Dealer’s like to use these restrictions as control and power ending with them dictating what you buy. We use these restrictions to get you the right vehicle that YOU want, while putting a focus on reliability and an exit strategy from a higher rate loan. We are transparent as to what the restriction we are dealing with are. We work together as a team to find the best vehicle for you and the best scenario for you to rebuild your credit! We have the right lending relationships to help you get a vehicle you want and to help you have a positive financial outlook moving forward!

The bottom line is simple. Whether you have great credit or bad credit, Cars Simpler is the place to collaborate on your next vehicle. We strive to provide and simple car buying process. We absolutely work in an ethical and honest manner. We are in this together with you. Upon working with Cars Simpler, you will understand that you are part of the team!

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