Our Team

Tim Fleury – Sales and Finance Coordinator

The process begins with a free consultation with Tim. He will walk you through the Cars Simpler process and answer any questions you may have. He will then help you find the right vehicle for you. Tim will also arrange the best financing available to each client. His job is to make sure the whole process from start to finish runs smoothly and efficient.

Nikki Wilson – Vehicle Delivery Coordinator

Nikki makes sure the vehicle arrives in a timely manner. Upon arrival, he makes sure the vehicle is reconditioned to a high standard and as efficient as possible. Once the vehicle is ready, he’ll be sure to get you comfortable with how the vehicle operates and all the technology in the vehicle.

Melissa Fleury – Office Manager

Melissa does most of the office related work. She manages and files all the back-end paperwork. She sees to it that Cars Simpler is organized and runs smooth operations.

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